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Bgee data

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Gene expression calls

Calls of baseline presence/absence of expression, and of differential over-/under-expression, in single or multiple species.

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Processed expression values

Annotations and processed expression data (e.g., read counts, TPM and RPKM values, Affymetrix probeset signal intensities).

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R package

A package for the annotation and gene expression data download from Bgee database, and TopAnat analysis.

Developer corner

GitHub of the Bgee project logo

Retrieve the source code of the Bgee pipeline, our annotations of homology between anatomical structures, as well as the Confidence Information Ontology (CIO) and the Homology Ontology (HOM), from our GitHub repository.

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Bgee lite dump

Download the dump of the MySQL Bgee lite database, that contains most useful, and explicit information.

Download dump the MySQL Bgee database logo
Bgee dump

Download the complete dump of the MySQL Bgee database, that contains all the data used to generate the information displayed on this website.

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