Expression comparison

Compare expression of several genes. If genes belong to several species, comparisons will be performed in homologous organs. Please enter one Ensembl ID per line.

Examples: SRRM4 (brain specific genes) Hoxd12 (development pattern genes)


Results are ordered by default by descendant "Conservation score", then ascendant "Genes with absence of expression", then descendant "Max expression score". The order could be changed by clicking on one column, then press shift and click on another column.

Anatomical entities Conservation score Max expression score Genes with presence of expression Genes with absence of expression Genes with no data See details Anatomical entity IDs Gene count with presence of expression Gene count with absence of expression Gene count with no data
skeletal muscle tissue 0.0036.848 genes 8 genes 3 genes UBERON:0001134883
female gonad -1.0025.260 gene
16 genes 3 genes UBERON:00009920163
hindlimb bud 0.2543.2910 genes 6 genes 3 genes UBERON:00054181063
forelimb bud -0.3865.535 genes 11 genes 3 genes UBERON:00054175113
lung 0.0054.258 genes 8 genes 3 genes UBERON:0002048883
dewlap -0.8825.801 gene 15 genes 3 genes UBERON:10000031153
brain 0.3838.2611 genes 5 genes 3 genes UBERON:00009551153
embryo 0.8863.2415 genes 1 gene 3 genes UBERON:00009221513
liver -0.2583.656 genes 10 genes 3 genes UBERON:00021076103
heart -0.2551.626 genes 10 genes 3 genes UBERON:00009486103
testis -0.3877.825 genes 11 genes 3 genes UBERON:00004735113
embryonic post-anal tail -0.6351.743 genes 13 genes 3 genes UBERON:00071443133
hemipenis 0.5040.1312 genes 4 genes 3 genes UBERON:00088121243
adrenal gland 0.1374.099 genes 7 genes 3 genes UBERON:0002369973
kidney -0.3856.435 genes 11 genes 3 genes UBERON:00021135113

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