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Expression comparison

Compare expression of several genes. If genes belong to several species, comparisons will be performed in homologous organs. Please enter one Ensembl ID per line.

Examples: SRRM4 (brain specific genes) Hoxd12 (development pattern genes)


Results are ordered by default by descendant "Conservation score", then ascendant "Genes with absence of expression", then descendant "Max expression score". The order could be changed by clicking on one column, then press shift and click on another column.

Anatomical entities Conservation score Max expression score Genes with presence of expression Genes with absence of expression Genes with no data See details Anatomical entity IDs Gene count with presence of expression Gene count with absence of expression Gene count with no data
multi-cellular organism 1.0048.892 genes 0 gene
0 gene
liver 1.0061.552 genes 0 gene
0 gene
heart 1.0063.292 genes 0 gene
0 gene
testis 1.0083.452 genes 0 gene
0 gene
adult mammalian kidney 1.0053.852 genes 0 gene
0 gene
cerebellum 1.0064.372 genes 0 gene
0 gene
frontal cortex 1.0067.172 genes 0 gene
0 gene
prefrontal cortex 1.0063.272 genes 0 gene
0 gene

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