E. caballus Gene: COX2 - ENSECAG00000027692 - Equus caballus (horse)

General information

Ensembl IDENSECAG00000027692
DescriptionCytochrome c oxidase subunit 2 [Source:UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot;Acc:P48660]
OrganismEquus caballus (horse)
Synonym(s)coii, coxii, mtco2


Anat. entity IDAnatomical entityDevelopmental stage(s)Rank scoreSources
UBERON:0000451prefrontal cortex
  • UBERON:0018241prime adult stage
  • 8.01
  • AEIR
UBERON:0000082adult mammalian kidney
  • UBERON:0018241prime adult stage
  • 11.7
  • AEIR
  • UBERON:0018241prime adult stage
  • 24.7
  • AEIR
IIn Situ
no data
Rank scores
3.25e4lightgrey: low confidence scores

important score variation
Rank scores of expression calls are normalized across genes, conditions and species. Low score means that the gene is highly expressed in the condition. Max rank score in all species: 4.10e4. Min rank score varies across species.
Sources of annotations to anatomy and development:
  • RNA-Seq data: Bgee
Sources of raw data:
  • RNA-Seq data: GEO


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EnsemblENSECAG00000027692 (COX2)

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