Bgee: Gene Expression Evolution

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What is Bgee?

Bgee is a database to retrieve and compare gene expression patterns between animal species.

Bgee first maps heterogeneous expression data (currently RNA-Seq, Affymetrix, in situ hybridization, and EST data) to anatomy and development of different species.
Then, in order to perform automated cross species comparisons, homology relationships across anatomies, and comparison criteria between developmental stages, are designed.

Data can be retrieved by ontology browsing, textual search, expression search, or advanced expression search.
Gene expression patterns can be compared by selecting any gene family (e.g. ENSFM00500000270089).

The full content of the Bgee expression database, the ontologies, the homology links between anatomical ontologies, and the relationships between developmental ontologies, are all available in the download section.

More information is provided in the documentation. All data sources used in Bgee are listed on the data sources page.

Who are we?

Bgee is developed by the [Evolutionary Bioinformatics group], part of the [Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics], at the [University of Lausanne]. Our main interest is in the evolution of animal genomes in the context of organismal function and development. We have special interests in the early evolution of chordates and fishes.

How to cite us?


More information about data analyses and database content is available in the documentation. All data sources and versions used are listed on the data sources page.