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Anatomical structure: liver - EHDAA:2185 - Homo sapiens (human)

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Organ namesliver
DescriptionNo description for this anatomical structure.
OrganismHomo sapiens (human) - Taxonomic identifier: 9606 [NCBI]
ExistsFrom HsapDO:0000019: CarnegieStage12 - To HsapDO:0000030: CarnegieStage23
part_of / is_a EHDAA:2177: liver and biliary system
Substructures by part_of / is_a relationships EHDAA:2187: hepatic sinusoids - EHDAA:2189: parenchyma - EHDAA:3983: left lobe - EHDAA:3989: right lobe
Homology relationshipsThis anatomical structure belongs to the Homologous Organs Group OG:0000257 - liver. See homologous organs below.
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This structure is mapped to the Homologous Organs Group OG:0000257 - liver. Here are the structures mapped to this group:

Danio rerio

Xenopus tropicalis

Homo sapiens

Mus musculus