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Expression data retrieved for the gene ENSG00000079215: SLC1A3 - in the anatomical structure: "Anatomical System" at the stage: "fetal stage" - Homo sapiens

Query parameters Anatomical structure: Anatomical System
Stage: fetal stage
Gene: ENSG00000079215 - SLC1A3
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EST library 1042

Library name Soares_NFL_T_GBC_S1 [1042]
Source Unigene
Library description Equal amounts of plasmid DNA from three normalized libraries (fetal lung NbHL19W, testis NHT, and B-cell NCI_CGAP_GCB1) were mixed, and ss circles were made in vitro. Following HAP purification, this DNA was used as tracer in a subtractive hybridization reaction. The driver was PCR-amplified cDNAs from pools of 5,000 clones made from the same 3 libraries. The pools consisted of I.M.A.G.E. clones 297480-302087, 682632-687239, 726408-728711, and 729096-731399. Subtraction by Bento Soares and M. Fatima Bonaldo.
Annotation by Bgee curatorsAnatomical structure ID: EV:0100000 - Developmental stage ID: HsapDO:0000037