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Expression data retrieved for the gene ENSG00000115297: TLX2 - at the stage: "unknown" - Homo sapiens

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Stage: unknown
Gene: ENSG00000115297 - TLX2
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EST library 16264

Library name Full Length cDNA from the Mammalian Gene Collection [16264]
Source Unigene
Library description The ORFs were PCR amplified from the MGC (Mammalian Gene Collection) and cloned by recombinational Gateway cloning into pDONR223 Donor vector. Reference : MGC (Mammalian Gene Collection) Program Team, Generation and Initial Analysis of more than 15,000 Full-Length Human and Mouse cDNA Sequences. PNAS, 2002, 99(26), 16899-16903
Annotation by Bgee curatorsAnatomical structure ID: EV:0100000 - Developmental stage ID: HsapDO:0000044

EST library 910

Library name NCI_CGAP_Pr22 [910]
Source Unigene
Library description 1st strand cDNA was prepared from normal prostate bulk tissue, and was then primed with a Not I - oligo(dT) primer. Double-stranded cDNA was ligated to Eco RI adaptors (Pharmacia), digested with Not I and cloned into the Not I and Eco RI sites of the modified pT7T3 vector. Library is normalized, and was constructed by Bento Soares and M. Fatima Bonaldo.
Annotation by Bgee curatorsAnatomical structure ID: EV:0100104 - Developmental stage ID: HsapDO:0000044