This release is a beta version. Please be aware that the data will not be archived and should not yet be referenced in publications, expecting long-term retrieval. The SPARQL endpoint was not updated.

Annotation resources

Anatomical similarity annotations logo
Anatomical similarity annotations

Anatomical similarity annotations used to define evolutionary relations between anatomical entities described in the Uberon ontology.

RNA-Seq annotations logo
RNA-Seq annotations

Annotations of RNA-Seq experiments, libraries and platforms used to generate the last version of Bgee.

Affymetrix annotations logo
Affymetrix annotations

Annotations of Affymetrix experiments, chips, chip types used to generate the last version of Bgee

ESTs annotations logo
ESTs annotations

ESTs annotations used to generate the last version of Bgee

GTEx cleaning for Bgee logo
GTEx cleaning for Bgee

Information on how the GTEx dataset was cleaned for Bgee

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