This release is a beta version. Please be aware that the data will not be archived and should not yet be referenced in publications, expecting long-term retrieval. The SPARQL endpoint was not updated.

R packages

BgeeDB R package logo
BgeeDB R package

Retrieve annotations, quantitative data and expression calls produced by the Bgee pipeline. Run GO-like enrichment analyses based on anatomical terms, where genes are mapped to anatomical terms by expression patterns.

BgeeCall R package logo
BgeeCall R package

Generate present/absent gene expression calls for your own RNA-Seq libraries as long as the species are present in Bgee. BgeeCall uses reference intergenic regions to define a threshold of presence of expression specific to your RNA-Seq library.

Container for BgeeCall and BgeeDB logo
Container for BgeeCall and BgeeDB

Docker container for BgeeCall and BgeeDB R Bioconductor packages. Contains everything needed to download Bgee data, run TopAnat or generate present/absent calls in R.

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